Rental Fees

Creatista Studio rents for $40/hour with a two-hour minimum. We will collect a $40 refundable deposit at the time of booking. Cancellations must be made at least 24-hours in advance to avoid forfeiture of the deposit. After the first two hours, we bill studio time at $15 for every additional half hour. We cap up to an eight hour day at $375. Multiple day sessions or sessions beyond eight hours will be negotiated in advance. All furniture and most of the artwork on site is available to be used in your work. When you arrive the studio will be in a set state and it is your responsibility to to return items of furniture or artwork to their original locations and place any trash in our bins. You are financially responsible for any breakage or damage to gear, props, set pieces, furniture or artwork. That’s all the heavy stuff we want to say. For the fun part, ask about scheduling a free hour as part of your first session for new clients.

our gear

If you would like to use any of our gear - or all of our gear - we add a flat fee of $15 per hour. We’re happy to help you figure out how to plug everything in and give you pointers to help you use things safely and get the best results. We have many monolight and pack-and-head style strobes for still photography, and constant source lights including KinoFlos for still or video work. Our kit includes multiple umbrellas and soft boxes, flags and C-stands. Our studio set-up includes a variety of stylized backdrops and backgrounds, including the ability to do head-to-toe white cyc isolation for multiple subjects against an internally-lit 7 foot by 8 foot white softbox with a full train.

lighting director

Creatista owner Scott Griessel has over 30 years in the the film, video and photography business. He is available as a lighting director for your projects at Creatista Studio at the rate of $37.50 an hour up to eight hours.