Creatista Studio Tour



Creatista Studio is located in a historic adobe home built in 1944. Over the years it’s been a local store, a woodworking shop, a gallery and, of course, a studio for photography and video. It’s also our home. We love it here, and we think you will, too.


1,100 Square Foot Studio

Our main studio is perfect for all kinds of photography. People. Food. Product. You name it, we’ve likely shot it here. There’s great indirect natural light in the afternoon and the ability to go very dark by closing blackout curtains. With an air conditioner unit dedicated to the space, we’re cool when it’s hot outside. Our studio, our dedicated restroom and most of the facilities are ADA accessible.

Client Area.jpg

Cozy Client Area

We’ve created a comfortable hang-out space for you, your models and your clients. There are lots of chairs and tables for setting up your laptop, meeting with your crew or eating lunch. Wifi is robust and electrical outlets are plenty.


400 square foot hallway

Get your 200mm lens out because our 400 square foot hallway is over 50 feet long. This is a favorite spots for shooting headshots and products when you want a hint of natural light and that sweet deep focus.


45 X 17 foot outdoor Garden

Take it outside for a different look. Our wild desert garden with mature, shady trees leans towards a southwest look. This is a great spot for natural light shots before noon with lots of soft, reflected light out of the direct sun.

Pano 2.jpg

everything you need for a SUCCESSFUL shoot

Bring your own gear, rent ours or mix and match. We have plenty of lights, stands and modifiers for film/video work and photography. Let us know about your project and we can help you plan to have just the right stuff on hand.


lots of looks

Have a walk around the outside of the building, too. There are lots of shots there just waiting to happen.


dedicated hair and makeup area

Whether your clients or models are doing their own hair and makeup or working with a pro, this area is well-lit with a tall chair and big mirror. There’s a clean, bright, ADA-accessible studio restroom right down the hall.


plenty of parking

We can easily accommodate up to eight vehicles, and there’s a lot more free parking nearby.


Meet freyja

She’s our patient lighting assistant and venerable cat charioteer. Look it up. She’s happy to stand in while your models are in hair and makeup. She’s just got the one pose, but she always rocks it.


good karma

We love our studio, and, after you work here, we’re pretty sure you’ll feel the same way. We can’t guarantee release from the ever spinning wheel of Samsara, but we do think you’ll have a really great time working here.